Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is also called as vehicle insurance. It refers to all two & four-wheeler vehicle's financial protection. Your vehicle is one of the assets in your lives. So, this type of insurance protects from any kind of physical or bodily damage of the vehicle. It may occur due to any circumstances such as damage from traffic collisions, theft or even due to colliding with any immobile objects. Under this type of insurance we provide Private insurance which is based on Individual registration.

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Health Insurance

Health Insurance covers the whole part of health risk of a person. It is a point to be accentuated upon. By having a look at the current health care and the human system, a pool of expenses covers us. So, this type of insurance helps the person by protecting him or her from all the forward expenses relating to health. This benefit is handled by a central organization such as IRDAI. It is a policy that provides you a cashless treatment like a panel or expenses in the form of reimbursement, in case you fall sick.

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Travel Insurance

Travelling is common for anybody at any time through any means be it by land, air or water. Travel Insurance is an insurance that is aimed to cover many different kinds of problems that may occur at time of travelling such as the medical expenses if you fall sick, loss of luggage, flight accidents and many more which may occur at any time during travelling. Thus keeping in mind any situation that might be faced by anybody it is a must for everybody to avail it.

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Home Insurance

Home Insurance is the method of protecting your shelter which is one of the basic necessities of life. Thus it helps in the protecting ourselves too as home is the place where we always wish to relax at the end of the day’s entire hard work. Thus we need to secure it by making use of our current savings for our future by availing this policy. Thus a home insurance policy is not just the guardian of your treasured home, but also the belongings of yours that reside therein. So, you are always suggested to avail it.

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do’s and don'ts for policy holders


Pay premium only by Bank Cheque or Demand Draft or Pay orders or Online payment modes.

Always insist for receipt of premium paid.

Any false or misleading information may lead to dispute at the time of claim of Insurance.

On any expiring policy disclose all material facts such as any kinds of diseases if suffered in the past, details of claims taken etc.

On the receipt received at the end, always verify the policy details. In case of any difference, report immediately in order to avoid any inconvenience.


Never pay any cash to any unauthorized person.

Never ever sign any blank proposal form.

Never provide false or misleading information. Never leave any portion of the proposal form blank or unanswered.

Never share sensitive information over phone to any telesales such as credit card, debit card, bank details etc.

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