Motor Insurance

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Car Insurance

Precede with the best Epolicy Car Insurance policy to get full financial protection for your vehicle. This broad car insurance policy provides you the full confidence which is a must while driving.


  • Availfree Roadside assistance of worth Rs.500 with our Epolicy Car Insurance policy.
  • Instant Renewable of Car Insurance through online methodology.
  • Cashless facilities available across more than 2500 garages in our network.
  • Save upto 55%* on our Car insurance policy.

Renew car insurance policy for your vehicle with our Epolicy Private car insurance policy.
Multiple choices of customized add-on covers to give you better coverage
Quick and hassle-free settlement for your car insurance claims.

Add On Covers

Add-on covers are not additional costs. Rather they are assets that make you earn several advantages. Thus choose well!

No-Claim Bonus (NCB) Retention

NCB is a discount in the premium offered by us. It is done if the owner of the vehicle has not made a single claim during the entire term of the policy motor insurance policy. We offer this add-on for any private car which is two years old or above. With this add-on cover, we can help you to retain your earned No-Claim Bonus percentage, even after you've made a claim. Without this additional cover, the No-Claim Bonus would drop to 0% even if you've made a claim in the previous policy period. Also note, if the value of your car is less than or up to Rs. 10 lakh, you can avail this add-on while renewing your previous policy with us or even a previous policy from another company.

The retainable NCB is applicable when :

The No-Claim Bonus percentage of the vehicle should be 25% and above one of the approved accidental claim is made during your policy period. The total value of the declared payment made during your policy period is up to 25% of the value of your vehicle, as mentioned in your policy. Your policy can also be renewed with us, within 90 days of its expiry, which is the normal grace period for availing NCB.

Motor Insurance is also called as vehicle insurance. It refers to all two& four-wheeler vehicle’s financial protection. Your vehicle is one of the assets in your lives. So, this type of insurance protects from any kind of physical or bodily damage of the vehicle. It may occur due to any circumstances such as damage from traffic collisions, theft or even due to colliding with any immobile objects. Under this type of insurance we provide Private insurance which is based on Individual registration.