Corporate & SME Insurance

Avail through us the Insurance of your Business as Fire Insurance, Engineering Insurance, Marine Insurance, Liability Insurance, Package Insurance.

Corporate Insurance

Are you worried about the safety of the business that you have? Fortunately, we have our Corporate Insurance Package policy, a insurance policy that protects all your business assets.


Our Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy Features

Large corporate companies, which have a multi-location or multi-business presence, need to protect their multiple operations. Insurance is an essential tool to protect yourself against losses that could devastate your business. The Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy offers the corporate, coverage against Industrial/manufacturing risks like fire, lightening, explosions and also covers property located outside the compound of Industrial/ Manufacturing risks. The policy offers a combination of standard and optional features so that they can choose the cover that’s most appropriate.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive coverage to your property.
  • You can enhance the cover on your policy with a wide range of add-ons.
  • Allows selection of the options that are relevant to you.
  • Options like Floater Policy, Declaration Policy and Floater Declaration Policy available.
  • Attractive discounts are available on long term policies for “dwellings”.
  • Discounts are available if you delete the covers that you do not need.
  • Discounts for favorable claims experience.
  • Discounts for risk improvement measures like installation of fire extinguishing appliances.​ ​​

Epolicy Contractors All Risk Insurance Policy Features

Construction businesses are laid with a variety of risks. They can take a heavy toll on finances and also halt all your projects. The Epolicy Contractors All Risks Insurance Policy helps you prevent the huge financial losses that the contractors suffer under such circumstances.

Key Benefits:

  • Broad and continuous cover for any possibility during the construction period.
  • Various options are available for the insured to choose from specific additional coverage such as removal of debris, express freight, covering insured's surrounding property, third party liability, etc.
  • Flexibility for the insured to assign limits for the amount of additional coverage

  • Epolicy Marine Cargo Insurance Policy Features

    Today, many new trade agreements are expanding the realm of business operations to many new countries. More and more goods are being shipped around the world through navy management. Risk of loss or damage to your goods is high when it’s in transit. That’s why it’s very important to for you to have a marine insurance to protect your business. The Epolicy Marine Cargo Insurance is a comprehensive package, designed to cover all losses or damage to goods being transported through sea.

    Key Benefits:

    • Cover for loss or damage to cargo in transit.
    • Policy extendable to cover war and strikes perils.
    • There are three variants to choose from Specific Policy, Open Policy and Open Cover.
    • Worldwide claims of survey and settlement assistance.
    • We have network of surveyors all over the country.
    • Customized and innovative covers are available based on your needs.
    • Extensions for multi-transit, incidental storage, FOB, riot and strikes perils etc.
    • Variable discounts for voluntary higher excess, lesser distance etc.

    • Epolicy Director’s and Officer’s Liability Policy Features

      Both the directors and officers of companies are responsible to all stakeholders of the company. They include the shareholders, the employees and the general public. A single wrong move by them can result in legal hassles. The possible cost of various contentions such as the above may lead to either civil or criminal action being brought against the directors and officers. The Epolicy Director’s and Officer’s Liability Insurance Policy provides cover against all these problems that they might be exposed to.

      Key Benefits:

      • Coverage against the legal risks.
      • Accountabilities arising out of directorship in secondary companies are covered.
      • Outside directorship can also be covered.
      • Extension is available to cover crisis communication.
      • Both Court attendance costs and pollution defense costs are available as extensions.
      • Fines and penalties can also be covered.

      • Epolicy Office Package Policy Features

        The place of your professional success is your office. It is been built with much of your efforts of time and money. However, it is constantly uncovered to many risks. Even an unfortunate mishap could disturb business routines which lead to serious financial issues. So, it is a must to protect your office against perils with the Epolicy Office Package Policy. Mainly through this policy you can choose the risks and the extent of cover required.

        Key Benefits:

        • A single policy to enhance your convenience in your office.
        • It is designed to meet the requirements of your office.
        • Judicial management of loss assessment.
        • Fund allocation is done based on clear insurance guidelines.
        • From a list of twelve specific covers you have the option to customize the policy.
        • Terrorism cover is also available with additional premium




Corporate insurance is a must for most companies as it builds the future of yours. It may be either a huge corporate like an MNC or a Small and Medium Enterprise. It is the track for your future. So, it is a must to have this sort of Insurance. Having a Corporate is a must for everyone these days as everyone cannot rely on government jobs only. They have much more confidence related to their own talent of any sort based on which they start their business in a corporate of any sort. Thus it is mandatory to have a Corporate Insurance as a corporate is made by you after many years of hard work. It doesn’t only consist of the material used to build it but also consists of your experience, talent and future aim put together. So, let’s protect it by insuring it.