Corporate & SME Insurance

Though be a Small or Medium Enterprise to any corporate Business, protect it through us. It is your asset and safeguarding it is also mandatory accordingly.

Insurance for SMEs

Are you worried about the sector of your Small and Medium Enterprise? You don’t need to get panic. We along with you here help you assure every sector of yours relating to this though you may be under served in terms of finance as it is an asset for you.


Epolicy Burglary and Housebreaking Insurance Policy Features: Creating assets takes many years of hard work, but in turn one theft can leave you dropdown financially. Our Epolicy Burglary and Housebreaking Insurance Policy helps you by keeping your property safe. It also mainly gives you the peace of mind that is a must.

  • Insurance for burglary at your business premises.
  • Coverage is available of maximum loss assessment on a first loss basis by the way of judicious management.
  • Policy can be extended further to cover riot, strike, malicious damage, and theft.
  • Several further variations such as floater policy, declaration policy, and floater declaration policy are available.​


Epolicy Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy Features

It takes a lifetime for you to build business assets even if a Small and Medium Enterprise. In today’s competitive business environment any damage to your property or goods can have a drastic impact on your profitability. With this policy you can be sure that you are protected against losses that could overcome your business. The property that can be covered under the Epolicy Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy includes:

Property that can be covered under the Reliance Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy includes:

  • Industrial/manufacturing risks

  • Property located outside the compound of Industrial/ Manufacturing risks, namely:

    • dwellings, offices, hotels, shops, etc

    • utilities

    • storage risks

    • tank farms/gas holders

      Reliance Office Package Policy Features

      You have probably invested heavily into your business. Untoward incidents can leave you vulnerable to severe financial loss, and hence, your work premises and other infrastructure need to be protected. With Reliance Office Insurance, you can be stress free, as it offers a comprehensive protection plan for your office premises. This policy provides insurance for offices that include:

      • Industrial or manufacturing risks
      • Property located outside the compound of Industrial or Manufacturing risks, namely:
      • Residences, offices, hotels, shops, etc.
      • Utilities
      • Risks of storage.
      • Other equipment such as tank farms or gas holders.

      Epolicy Office Package Policy Features

      Even if you have invested heavily into any of your businesses but unfortunate incidents can leave you helpless to severe financial loss. Hence your work premises and all other infrastructure within needs to be protected. With Epolicy Office Insurance, you will feel stress free, as it offers a complete protection plan for your office properties. This policy provides insurance for offices that include:

      • Any Commercial offices.
      • All Government offices.
      • ITES and BPO Call Centre Offices.
      • Office premises such as Outside industrial, manufacturing, warehouse premises.
      • The Key Benefits of this policy are:

        • A Single policy that covers most of the risks you may encounter.
        • It covers Electrical or Mechanical breakdown of office equipment which may occur anytime.
        • Protection to official electronic equipment and laptops are covered
        • Personal Accident coverage for people working in the office as employees and also the owner.
        • Legal liabilities cover against third parties
        • In case you have to move to a new premise because of operation of insured peril at current premises then payment of additional rent is also covered.
        • Terrorism cover is available with additional premium​


      Epolicy Marine Cargo Insurance Policy Features

      Now-a-days any business is no longer controlled by borders. Thus goods are shipped all around the world by means of navy. It's very crucial to protect your goods from various possible mishaps that might occur. Epolicy Marine Insurance Policy is one of the best cargo insurance covers. It will help you protect your valuable shipment literally anywhere in the world. Our insurance policy will provide full cover against damage or loss to cargo sent by any mode of transport such as sea, road, rail or air.

      The Key Benefits of this policy are:

      • Comprehensive all-risks coverage.
      • Flexible coverage options are available.
      • Worldwide claims of survey and settlement assistance are done.
      • Lot of extensions for riots and strikes, perils etc.
      • Customized covers are available which suit your needs.
      • Avail attractive discounts.

      Epolicy Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy Features

      The employees working with you are your key business strength and their good health will obviously reflect on your businessís profitability. To ensure both a smooth and profitable business operations you can offer your employees access to timely medical care. The Epolicy Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy does not only provides you the medical coverage for your employees, but also gives you tax benefits.

      The Key Benefits of this policy are:

      • Discount in renewal premium for claim-free experience with family members.
      • Lower premium costs.
      • It is a customized policy.
      • Cover for all members.
      • Cashless claims across network of hospitals.
      • Benefits of Tax.
      • Regular health check-ups.
      • Day care procedures are also covered.







Corporate insurance is a must for most companies as it builds the future of yours. It may be either a huge corporate like an MNC or a Small and Medium Enterprise. It is the track for your future. So, it is a must to have this sort of Insurance. Having a Corporate is a must for everyone these days as everyone cannot rely on government jobs only. They have much more confidence related to their own talent of any sort based on which they start their business in a corporate of any sort. Thus it is mandatory to have a Corporate Insurance as a corporate is made by you after many years of hard work. It doesn't only consist of the material used to build it but also consists of your experience, talent and future aim put together. So, let's protect it by insuring it.