Customer Testimonials

1. Mr.Rinku Sharma- Asst Vice President –Projects, Zee Entertainment International Ltd

I had a very long time association with Epolicy from the time I bought a new means of transport. Though I immediately insured it through some other company earlier when I bought it, my Insurance was about to expire. I was continuously in worry about how to renew it immediately. I just had a chance to go through the Epolicy Insurance website and just within small clicks in a very short span of time, it was renewed. Since I am a frequent traveler, this really helped me and I will always be thankful to Epolicy and avail it always in future for any sort of Insurance.

2. Mrs. Preeti Chauhan.

Since I am a female in our family and have to handle the entire house including everybody’s health into concern, I was worried about the expiry of my Father–In–law’s past insurance Policy. But this company of Epolicy helped me as a surprise. I had to just disclose my previous policy number and a few of my required document numbers and by God’s grace, it was immediately renewed. I was surprised that Epolicy Health Insurance covered me for pre-existing diseases too, which many companies never cover.I would recommend everyone to have an insurance policy through Epolicy only as it is easy to get and easy to renew through them.

3. Mr. Vijay Rao. - Sr Manager

As commonly it is always advertised to compare the insurance policies and take it from the current market. So, I was comparing the coverage of Epolicy Home Insurance products with others. I have already taken other policies relating to travel and health through Epolicy. In this Home Insurance policy also I am very much confident and opted the same and found to be the best existing Insurance companies so far even in providing a new Insurance product and even in its renewal. Thanks to Epolicy as it made me to be placed under a secured shelter

4. Mr. Narendra Singh

I have a corporate insurance policy with Epolicy. By bad luck just a few weeks ago an accidental incident held in our office and we all suffered. I being in the highest position suffered a lot. I didn’t have any other option at that time expect remembering my previous policy number. I contacted Epolicy again, if they could help me and to my surprise, it was renewed immediately and even covered with the loss that occurred. I appreciate their services. I would recommend Epolicy for each and every one.

5. Mr. Nitin Gosh - Business Women

I have a SME business in a rural area and along with it I wanted to make it secure as it might help me further. So, after comparing the current market of SME Insurance policy companies, I found Epolicy Office Package Policy to be the best and opted for this. I had to interact with them just for a short span of time and a policy was made immediately online for me. I am and will be ever thankful to Epolicy as I secured my future and recommend everyone the same even if they own any business.

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