Motor Insurance

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Two Wheeler Insurance

Travel with a very quick and easy- to- acquire, Epolicy Two- Wheeler Insurance policy. With our Epolicy bike Insurance policy, your superiority in travelling is covered with along with an excellent service and protecting your enthusiasm.

Did you ever miss to renew your two wheeler insurance policy So now forget all your two wheeler renewal Insurance worries on paper and ride with these benefits which our Epolicy motorcycle insurance offers:


  • No paperwork at all. Get an instant policy done online immediately.
  • Utilize the cashless facility across our preferred 160 network of garages
  • Get a quick and hassle-free settlement of your two wheeler insurance claims rather than in queues.
  • Our Epolicy Two Wheeler Insurance starting at Rs.3/day*
  • Renew your old policy instantly online without any inspection or paperwork.

Add On Covers

A basic insurance is a must for your vehicle, but if you truly want to benefit from your insurance policy, you should definitely have some of these add-on covers in your mind which you can acquire through us!

Nil Depreciation Cover

Through this add-on on our Epolicy Two Wheeler Insurance policy, you can easily out of the 'depreciation factor' of the parts of your vehicle. In normal cases when you make a claim, a major deduction could be charged. It may be based on the age and depreciated value of the vehicle or any other parts that require replacement. But by availing of this an extra cover of Nil Depreciation will largely widen the scope, providing you extra security and minimizing your own expenses on the vehicle considerably. So, just you need to pay a little extra premium to gain a major benefit later! Commonly, there are a few important things to be kept in mind which are included in this cover:

  • We offer coverage on components of rubber, nylon and plastic parts and fiber-glass.
  • We provide coverage to vehicles with a maximum age of 2 years.
  • We offer a maximum of 2 claims per policy period.
  • We can add this extra element of 2 claims per policy period to your existing policy when you get a brand new vehicle or when you renew your policy.
  • This covers only two-wheelers under this add on cover.
  • We will settle a claim made only for the insured vehicle and only if it is being repaired by or at one of our authorized dealers or workshops.
  • We will not grant protection to total loss, constructive total loss or theft claims under this add on cover

Finally, there are two major exclusions that the add-on doesn't cover:

  • This doesn’t include the parts that are not approved under the Motor Insurance Policy
  • The parts of tiers and tubes are also not included.

Motor Insurance is also called as vehicle insurance. It refers to all two& four-wheeler vehicle’s financial protection. Your vehicle is one of the assets in your lives. So, this type of insurance protects from any kind of physical or bodily damage of the vehicle. It may occur due to any circumstances such as damage from traffic collisions, theft or even due to colliding with any immobile objects. Under this type of insurance we provide Private insurance which is based on Individual registration.