Health Insurance



Our online wellness program is circumference by three basic parameters:

To Assess: Through us the customized programs are held for assessments of initial health.
To Appoint: Sharing of knowledge in between experts of health though all the current means of communication.
To Earn: Discounts and free services are mostly provided at any of the 1500+ health places, who are engaged with us as many companies in India​.

Online Wellness Services

  • Ask a Doctor: Consult a panel of physicians online to discuss any health queries and you will receive an answer immediately.
  • Ask a Specialist: For any queries that require specialist's inputs, in the area of gynecology, pediatrics, oncology, cardiology and many more then you can consult them too.
  • Health Risk Assessment: An automated health-service toll that helps you to assess your own health.
  • Get a Call from the Doctor: You can easily make a telephonic call from a general physician or a specialist to discuss any health issues.
  • Get a Call from a Counselor: For any personal issues with work, family or any other inter-personal issues, you can request a call back from a counselor to discuss and settle the matter.
  • Get a Personalized Diet Plan: Get easy access to a nutritionist in the Healthcare panel to get a personalized diet plan via phone or email.
  • Fix an Appointment: Fix appointments with doctors across India by availing our service.

Health Insurance covers the whole part of health risk of a person. It is a point to be accentuated upon. By having a look at the current health care and the human system, a pool of expenses covers us. So, this type of insurance helps the person by protecting him or her from all the forward expenses relating to health. This benefit is handled by a central organization such as IRDAI. It is a policy that provides you a cashless treatment like a panel or expenses in the form of reimbursement, in case you fall sick.